Thursday, July 14, 2011


That NEW BELGIUM BREWING “Lips of Faith” series has introduced a few ringers, hasn’t it? Let’s see – there was LA FOLIE, right, and then there was that LE FLEUR MISSEUR, and what else? Oh right, I know, this newish DUNKEL WEISS is one to beat the band as well. We don’t try too many dark wheats – or as the Germans say, “dunkel weisses” – around these parts. When we do, we likely and foolishly pass them up in flavor of some double IPA or something. Yet with the imprinteur of quality that has become the “Lips of Faith” seal of rarity and quality, we decided to give this one a gander. You know what? We’re happy we did.

NEW BELGIUM DUNKEL WEISS hits the glass dark and mysterious. It’s a black one, and the woody, malty smell of it provides similar confirmation that this is a rich and murky ale. What I got straight out of the chute was the taste of plum, with cherry being a faint and secondary flavor. Oh course, there’s the obvious “wheat” taste as well, but this isn’t your mama’s hefeweizen. It’s a woody, plummy, malty, dark and delicious expectation-exceeder from the same tanks & pumps that make the Fat Tire Ale you’re always ragging on. 8.5/10.