Saturday, January 5, 2013


A couple of years ago I posted some whoppers from my Grandma's postcard collection, which she was kind enough to designate for me when she passed. Roadside art, sanitariums, WWII propaganda, San Franciscaena and so on - you can look at what she left me here, here, and here. I am keeping the faith for grandma, and am picking up vintage postcards here and there where I find them. My "specialty" is motels of the 50s, 60s and 70s; I also enjoy fading luxury hotels; beer postcards; and anything roadside-America-esque. Here are a few I picked up up at today's "Vintage Paper Fair" in San Francisco, full of postcards and old ephemera from years gone by.

Love anything space-age; and the Los Angeles area was the absolute best for that stuff. My most wanted postcard is one for the "Cosmic Age Motel" in Anaheim, where I stayed in the 70s on a trip to Disneyland.
So hideous I'd stay here in a second if it were still around.
Postcard was printed in beautiful "Lusterchrome" in Boston, MA
What a lovely bedspread. Virtually brand new!
This inviting Buffalo, NY accomodation completely blew the chance at quadruple alliteration here by calling it a "hotel"
From 1965 - letter on the back says, "Dear Aunt Agnes, We are at Disneyland this is the motel we stayed in (see cover). We went to Disneyland Weds. We are going home now, so we have to go. P.S. - Hi from the family. Love, Patti