Friday, March 29, 2013


This blog hasn't been particularly prolific of late, but it hasn't been for lack of want. The Hedonist Jive's actually been an active blog now for 3 full years, which surprised even me. 358 total posts, which equates to about one every three days. I guess that's actually a pretty frantic pace for a yeoman blogger who's not getting paid and writes multiple other blogs to boot. That said, I'm going to try to get on the stick and ramp up production in the weeks to come. I have soooo much to say.

If blogging is catharsis, than consider myself relieved. I've been posting memories and half-wit reminiscing for all three years I've been doing this. Some of the posts are even halfway decent enough for me to want to re-share. If you haven't read these ones before, clicking on the link will allow you to do so:

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Let's Go Record Shopping in 1981 Berkeley
In Praise of the G Channel
Scenes from 1982 China
The Summer of My "Swinger's Serenade"
KFJC and a Post-Punk Education
1991 Oldsmobile Commercial Tryouts
The Story of Helevator, San Francisco Rock Group
KFJC, April Fool's Day and "The Month of Mayhem"