Friday, August 23, 2013


I'm usually pretty good at aggressive flogging of my various exploits, but I recognize I haven't ever collected the various links to the Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Podcast archives and playlists in any one area. If you're just joining us, that's my twice-a-month (or so), hour-long rocknroll radio show, recorded direct-to-laptop and featuring the best in today's and yesterday's young sounds from the realms of artpunk, garage splatter, girl rock and weirdo pop. I started doing them in December of last year, and I still have the gumption to keep doing them even still. Look for another one in a week, or thereabouts.

If you're interested in gathering eighteen hours of music, with all songs personally endorsed by me (albeit with my speaking voice present in each podcast), just click on each link to download the given show. You'll also find links to the playlists, in case you maybe wanna see what you're getting beforehand.