Monday, September 2, 2013


Now available for streaming and download - the third edition of the OTHERWORLDLY AND GONE 78rpm podcast, “Signals, Calls and Marches”. Full playlist below. You’ll hear new archival releases from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, as well as otherworldly lost sounds from all corners of the globe, including Bolivia, Mozambique, Ukraine, Sweden, India and the American cajun bayou. Subscribe on iTunes or just listen here.

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1.  CHERNATA MARGA – Subrala Denka Sedenka – from a 4xCD box on JSP Records called “Outsinging The Nightingale: Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music”
2.  ATANSKA TODOROVA & VULKANA STOYANOVA – Moya Mila Dushte – also from the “Outsinging The Nightingale: Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music” collection
3.  GERGANA TSEKOVA – Kako Todoike, Todoike – taken from the 2/23/09 Excavated Shellac blog post here.
4.  ELIN LISSLASS – Locklater – from the “Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. 4” CD compilation on Yazoo.
5.  NECMIYE HANIM - Sabah Oldu (Daybreak) – from a new LP of all-female Turkish 78rpm songs called “Nightingales & Canaries”, which you can buy here.
6.  CLEOMA BREAUX & JOSEPH FALCON - La Vieux Soulard et sa Femme  - from the “Anthology of American Folk Music” collection.
7.  RITA ABATZI – I Can’t Cry Anymore - taken from Canary Records’ forthcoming Rita Abatzi LP, “I’m Burning, I’m Burning 1933-37”
8.  GEORGE KATSAROS – Vre Ti Mangas Pou’ Mai Go  – from an downloadable compilation on Canary/Mississippi called “Brass Pins & Pearls - International 78s”
9.  JACK GRIGORIOU & S. MICHELIDHIS – To Minore Tou Deke  – taken from the compilation, “Rebetika - Greek Folk Music, Vol. 3”
10. SPYROS PERISTERIS - Hasapiko Laternas – taken from the new 2xCD “Greek Rhapsody” on Dust-to-Digital
11. MASTER MANAHAR BARVE – Gungru Tarang - from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. 1” CD on Yazoo
12. FRANCIS BALOYI AND SHANGAAN BAND – Sati Wa Vakwela - from the 4xCD “Opika Pende - Africa at 78rpm” collection
13. ALBERTO RUIZ – Tonada de Tarka Con Callaguas – also from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Volume 4” CD collection on Yazoo Records.
14. STELLA HASKIL– Bir Allah – from “Bed of Pain - Rembetika 1930-55”, available as an LP, a download or on Spotify.
15. IRIARTE AND PESOA – Libertad  – downloaded from the Excavated Shellac blog, 5/21/07 post.
16. BRODER KAPELLE – Chernovitzar Bulgar (Dance from Chernowitz) - from the “Aimer et Perde” 2xCD collection on Tompkins Square Records.