Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The Hedonist Jive used to be my "main" blog. All the quote-unquote good stuff was published here. The problem with a generalist blog is there really aren't a lot of generalists out there any longer who'll read it. We culture hounds love our micro-focused niches; I know this because I organize everything digitally according to topic: I've got my music stuff, my film stuff, my literary stuff, my sports stuff and so on.

So if you're here, you've probably noticed that The Hedonist Jive's mainly been a dumping ground my music podcast, Dynamite Hemorrhage radio. Sorry about that. Can't believe you've hung on this long and kept this thing in your RSS feed. Well, the whole Dynamite Hemorrhage project's been my main focus the past couple years. It's just culminated - for now, in an 84-page print music fanzine called Dynamite Hemorrhage #2. You can order it here.

Now that I'm done with the magazine, I reckon the 'Jive might heat up a little bit more, beyond the dumped podcasts. Book reviews are crackling and seething within me, for starters. Maybe some other stuff too. Stick around, and it might get somewhat interesting around here again.

In the meantime, here's what's in our new magazine:

  • An interview and career-spanning retrospective with BILL DIREEN, the New Zealand-based musical iconoclast and creator of some of the most weird and wonderful underground pop music of the last 35 years. Great old photos of Vacuum, Six Impossible Things and more - with Direen’s take on his many recordings, bands and general outlook on creation & creativity. 
  • Tim Warren from Crypt Records, on the eve of two new volumes of the mind-destroying "BACK FROM THE GRAVE" 60s punk compilations, takes us through in profanity-strewn detail how he’s been putting these comps together since 1983, and the pain the man has endured to make sure you and I get to hear some of the most raw and rare rocknroll chaos of all time…! 
  • Interview with bedroom lo-fi pop savants HONEY RADAR, currently making many short, abrasive and lovely mini-masterpieces out of Philadelphia 
  • Interview with NOTS, raw and slashing earworm punk band from Memphis 
  • KING TEARS MORTUARY, Sydney, Australia’s answer to the question "What would a mix of C86, KBD punk and The Gories sound like?" 
  • Erika Elizabeth's overview of lost and neglected female-fronted punk and post-punk bands and records you've never heard of 
  • The Layman’s Guide to 1970s Jamaican DUB - an overview of wild, weird and wacked dub reggae created during its peak era, along with ten essential dub recordings, explored 
  • Interviews with Jon Savage and Stuart Baker on the new PUNK 45 series of archival 70s punk reissues 
  • 87 record reviews  
  • 15 book reviews  
  • Advertisements from today’s top hitmaking labels
 Order yours here!