Friday, January 20, 2012


I’m not above cross-promoting the different parts of the media empire I run from my home laptop. Have you checked out our companion TUMBLR site – The Hedonist Jive Tumblr – yet? I’ve been loading up music and commentary and ephemera there most days. What about following The Hedonist Jive on Twitter? You doing that yet? If I could somehow bust past the 62 followers I have now, at least 10% of which are spam-bots, I’d consider tweeting some pithy 160-character doozies every few hours. If you’d like!

Finally, this blog used to review beer from time to time, but that’s been taken over by my BEER SAMIZDAT site. Check it out this week – I’ve got “exclusive” interviews with some serious shakers and movers from the beer world. That’s my pitch!