Thursday, January 19, 2012


I’ve been listening to this fantastic linear radio show of late on UMass-Amherst’s WMUA called EXPRESSWAY TO YR SKULL, and it’s getting me all inspired to play mixmaster again. I know, I said in this post that linear radio was dead as a doornail, but when you’ve got a curator like this show’s Erika Elizabeth, whose taste & breadth of knowledge in moderne and past DIY/pop/noise music is beyond belief, it’s easy to go back to the “old ways” of learning about music and gettin’ your jamz on. After all, WMUA streams its signal through the web and various smartphone apps, and Erika posts her past shows up on this blog so you can download them to your proverbial heart’s content. Just have a pencil ready, because you’re going to be doing some aggressive track name and record label scribbling during her back-announce.

Inspired by her example, I’m still not committed enough to haul my carcass back onto old school radio - but thankfully there’s 8Tracks, where I’ve posted a number of mixes under the Hedonist Jive nom de plume. My newest is called, “FINE YOUNG MAN, DOING SO WELL”, with title taken from a Charles Albright song that’s part of the set. All tracks come from 2011, most from the back half of the year. This too you can listen to on the web and via the 8TRACKS apps on iPhone and Android. You’ll find that most tracks fit in a loose ghetto of low-fidelity pop, noise and sub-underground independent whatever. I’m predicting these’ll be your new favorite songs in about 45 minutes.

Track List:

1. HOUSEHOLD – Our Song
2. MIKAL CRONIN – Am I Wrong
3. WAX IDOLS – Dead Like You
4. TUNABUNNY - (Song For My) Solar Sister
5. GIRLFRIENDS – Cave Kids
6. HEAVY TIMES – Skull Hair
7. UV RACE – Low
8. THE WHINES – Straybird
9. MIND SPIDERS – Wait For Us
10. PAMELA - Lie Down (Eye Contact)

11. PET MILK – I Don’t Love Anyone

12. CHARLES ALBRIGHT – I’m Just a Fine Young Man & I’m Doing So Well
13. COASTING – Portland
14. SOCK PUPPETS – Summer Jacket
15. RADAR EYES – Miracle
16. HOUSEHOLD – Never After
17. THE SPITS – Flags
18. HUNGRY GAYZE – Pins & Needles