Sunday, July 29, 2012


Fear not, Hedonist Jive reader, for I have not strayed. I have every intention of soon returning to a regular publishing schedule for this blog - whatever that means. It pains me greatly to go an entire week without reviewing a book, a film, a "record", a political idea or without sharing a set of photos from my youth or from my present shenanigans. Life, however, sometimes dictates that we spend our time on pursuits more noble. I've decided for the very short term to focus my attentions on my brand-new job (which is intense and all-encompassing in all the right ways, except for blog-friendly ways), my family, and to the easiest blog in the world to keep up to date: Beer Samizdat, my resurrected beer blog. Taking the pressure off myself to keep this one aggressively active and perpetually updated for the next few weeks will help silence the voices in my head that tell me I'm a failure. I hope you understand.

I have more that I need to accomplish here, and I hope you'll keep The Hedonist Jive in your RSS Reader or your bookmarks. I need to post scans of the final three issues of my 1990s fanzine, SUPERDOPE, for one. I have other great photos sets to share. I'm reading books and/or listening to audiobooks like a total fiend in my limited spare time, and I have a compunction to review every one I read/listen to in this forum. (Though I just got set up on GoodReads, which is a pretty cool book dork social network). And given my hour-long commute every day - each way, I might add - I have no shortage of new CDs, mp3s and streams to tell ya about. Then there's activity from the world of sports. I know my posts about baseball and hockey are absolutely beloved all over the world.

So give me a little time to reconfigure my life so I can return to regular blogging in this forum - and if you like to drink beer, come visit me over at Beer Samizdat, where regular blogging continues. Thanks!