Friday, August 24, 2012


In addition to being yet another name I've ripped off from a 1977-80 DIY/punk-era song for one of my blogs (see: The Hedonist Jive, Agony Shorthand, Detailed Twang), DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE is a new Tumblr I'm posting music-related items to, starting right about now. I really like the Tumblr interface and the lowered Tumblr "expectations" - simple, short and shareable. This is something I can mess around with without trying to win a Pulitzer or anything. Is there a track I want you to hear? Dynamite Hemorrhage. Random musical thought that's so important I need to peck it out on my phone? Find it on Dynamite Hemorrhage. 3-sentence review of whatever I'm blasting in my car right now? I'll put it over on Dynamite Hemorrhage.

Oh – the title comes from a frantic screamer on the Flesh Eaters' "No Questions Asked" album from 1980. Chris D came up with some pretty stellar/scary/borderline poetic titles for that album and the 1979 Flesh Eaters 45 - "Agony Shorthand", "Suicide Saddle" and the like. The Tumblr title's a tribute to our very, very good pal Mr D.

Meanwhile I'm contemplating how to stage my grand re-entry into true old-school "blogging" here on The Hedonist Jive. Stay tuned, because I'm coming for ya.