Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AMERICAN SUN – “American Sun” 7”EP

Dressed like the angry triplet daughters of Fred & Toodie Cole, and with a cover sleeve that apes the Dead Moon ethos in every way, shape & form, you’d be forgiven for expecting mystical, magical biker rock on AMERICAN SUN's debut single. It’s instead a fairly aces set of three numbers that meander between wobbly, tuneful garage rock with a mildly psychedelic sheen (“American Sun”), Frightwig-style atonality & tribal beats (“Poor Girl”) and more longform winding-path pop music with loud guitar & coolly sweet vocals (“Indian Morning”).

It’s not refined and it’s not anything more than a really solid debut that hints at some pretty great things coming down the line. And here's the deal - since the whole thing is available for free over at their Bandcamp page, I won't post any of the music here - a couple more clicks and you can be doing it for yourself. And you should! (Then buy it so they'll make more).