Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My young life was filled with ridiculous amounts of television, live sports, and "media events" & media sensations that were imprinted upon my still-developing brain. There was a streaker during the closing ceremonies of the 1976 Montreal Olympics; there was "Rock N Rollen", the "Rainbow Man" with the John 3:16 signs at nationally-televised baseball games; and there were the left-wing speeches given by Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Dreyfuss at the 1978 Oscars (during which my dad memorably screamed at the TV, "Oh Vanessa you COMMIE!! Oh shut up Dreyfuss, you horrible PINKO!!").

Naturally, I also remember Morganna, the buxom "kissing bandit" who would run onto the field to kiss players during live baseball games, quite well. Her arrival on the field at the All-Star Game or World Series was always a bit of a surprise while retrospectively also being something of a fait accompli. Her infamy touches numerous 1970s attitudes that signify both good and ill – public event safety, female exploitation, mild-mannered softcore titillation; and Christian moral-majority reactionaries. She's now been immortalized in a short film about her exploits, complete with a where-is-she-now "reveal" at the end. Check it out if you've got 15 minutes today.