Friday, March 23, 2012


The excellent all-femme San Francisco band PAMELA are too far down on the public radar for my liking & it’s my duty to help change that. This debut EP on Southpaw Records takes a couple tuff, short, roaring Runaways-esque tracks from their “Pamela is Hung Over” cassette and tosses on a dreamy tribal garage stomper called “Desert” and calls it a record, and we couldn’t be more pleased over here. Vocals are crisp and strong, and they play w/ a confidence that makes for one of those records you just know you’ll still be playing ten years from now.

There are folks from Oakland’s Splinters and a former Wax Idol or two keeping the faith here, and if you know & love those bands now, then keep in mind that the apple’s not falling too far from the tree here – Pamela just happen to write even better songs, or at least release only their shitkickers. Buy the hard vinyl and you get to download all three digital tracks as well. Easily one of 2012’s best.

Play Pamela - "I'm Nobody"

Download PAMELA – “I’m Nobody”