Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, it’s a song – an ultra-obscure 1980 track from a UK group called THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS, found on a compilation EP of raw, minimalist DIY bands of the day called “Angst In My Pants”. As soon as I saw the song title (and heard the shambling paean to booze and carnal pleasure), I knew I’d have to appropriate the name somehow, some way. So in 2006 I decided to start a new blog about beer, and couldn’t think of a good name for it. I wasn’t going to lower myself to any sort of beer-related pun like “Good For What Ales You” – I’d sooner commit seppuku - nor did I want the blog to be ridiculously generic, like “The Beer Report” or “Beer Reviews By Jay’. So I forced the proverbial square peg of my desired name into the round hole of my new blog, and came up with HEDONIST BEER JIVE.

For four years and change, I lived with this dumb-ass name that made no sense. Now I’ve decided to consolidate all the laser-focused topical blogs I’ve been penning all these years and go big, writing about whatever – with no shackles, baby, I’m totally free! So here’s the original song that inspired the name of this blog, “The Hedonist Jive” by The Midnight Circus.

Download The Midnight Circus - "The Hedonist Jive"