Thursday, July 1, 2010


It had really been a while since I’d sampled the glory of LOST ABBEY’s amazing saison-style beer, RED BARN ALE. Like nearly four years. Loved it back in 2006 when I first tried it, yet then was riding along side all of the LOST ABBEY beers that were coming out in a big batch. They were all amazing; this one, subtle and great as it is, just sort of got shuffled to the side in my ranked hierarchy of Lost Abbey treasures. Tasted on its own the other night at Café Biere in Emeryville, CA, however – well, that’s a different story. RED BARN ALE is everything a Belgian saison should be in my book. Spicy, a little musty and highly carbonated, I left the bar wishing I had the fortitude and the liver to drink five pints in one sitting. It’s a glorious beer, with tastes of ginger and a light malty sweetness topping off a distant dose of funk. Seriously, this is hard to top. I’m going to make Red Barn a fer-sure go-to beer from this point forward. 9.5/10.