Saturday, September 18, 2010


Though no one's called me out on it too hard as of yet, I'm certain there are folks who've read my past music blogs, my former beer blog, maybe even my politics blog - who've come over here in hopes of more of the same, only to be gravely disappointed. The dude reviews cheese??? He scans postcards his Grandma gave him??? etc.

Here's what I've done for you. Look to your right. See those labels? Now The Hedonist Jive has been customized for your tastes. You only want to read beer reviews? Click on "beer". Want music blather only? Why, there's a category called "Music" just for you. Are my watery-eyed life memories something you feel you need to read? Click on "Memories".

Hopefully this rights an early wrong and helps put the Jive at the top of your blogroll!