Monday, December 20, 2010


It doesn’t come corked & caged, nor does is it delivered in a funky-fresh can. It’s not marinated in bourbon barrels, not soaked in oak chips, nor run through Randal the Enamel Animal. It isn’t produced in limited quantities, nor does it tear open the esophagus with an explosion of biting, punishing hops. Nope, but BROOKLYN BREWING’s EAST INDIA PALE ALE is perhaps the best IPA I had in 2010, and easily the best “English-style” IPA I quaffed this year. The imperial pint I supped at New York’s Ginger Man this past week was as smooth and as good as a fresh, hoppy pale ale gets. Fruity and light, but with a thick mouthfeel and a little bit of a strong come-on before you kick up your shoes and settle in. Creamy, and made for drinking whenever possible. That’s why it’s one of their year-round beers and available in 12-ounce six-packs. We’re such fantastic snobs here at the ‘Jive that we often pass such “pedestrian” beers by when we’re combing the shelves for something rare and beastly. This is one to grab onto and make a beautiful part of everyday living. 10/10.