Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Far be it for me to suggest that you might only share a portion of my wide-ranging interests, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there’s a few of you who’ve arrived on these shores a little bummed out to find whatever it is you’ve found. You might not drink beer. You might hate books, and all printed matter, and ideas of any kind. You might be looking for some free mp3s. My politics may repel you. The only thing you care about in this world may in fact be beer.

I’ve got some ways to make this site whatever it is you want it to be. Let me reiterate how to manage this experience so it becomes yours:

1. Look to your right. See those labels? The Hedonist Jive has been customized for your tastes. You only want to read beer reviews? Click on "beer". Want music blather only? Why, there's a category called "Music" just for you. Are my watery-eyed life memories something you feel you need to read? Click on "Memories". And so on.

2. Follow me on Twitter. I always post links to each post here, links that you can ignore or follow at your pleasure. I’m @jayhinman.

3. Get this blog into Google Reader. It’s the easiest way to follow all sorts of blogs, and then it’s easy to follow (or not follow) on an RSS reader on your phone as well (I use Mobile RSS on iPhone).

Hopefully that’s helpful at some level and can reduce the shock of seeing a cheese review where you expected a full-LP download, or vice-versa.