Saturday, May 21, 2011


As a young beer dork - let's say about five years ago - I heard much chatter from more educated quarters of the beer world about a gaggle of Belgian beers called "MORT SUBITE". They were spoken about in hushed and reverant tones, and until last night at LA TRAPPE in San Francisco, I'd never come across a one of 'em. I'm here to report that at least one does indeed exist, and that it is off-the-charts fantastic, as advertised.

It's called MORT SUBITE BLANCHE LAMBIC, and the "brouwerij" that makes it is Brouwerij De Keersmaeker from Asse-Kobegem, Belgium. You know, just down the road from Brussels and all. It's a fairly simply dry and fruit-packed 5% ABV ale that nonetheless knocked me for a total loop. Incredibly smooth and pouring a deep hazy yellow/orange, this Mort Subite doesn't remind one of a lambic so much as it does a witbier (white ale) pumped up with mega yeasts. The powdery, dry taste of the grains and yeasts is complemented in perfect balance by the richness of the fruits. I was so taken aback to be awarding amother 10/10 so soon after the TELEGRAPH GYPSY ALE that I ordered a second one - just to, you know, check my head. That one was a 10/10 as well. Look for it! Now!