Friday, May 13, 2011


I have another post I’ll try to finish next week about a fantastic new curated music app called 8TRACKS and how it rings the death knell for radio as we know it…..but that’s for another time. I discovered this thing on my iPhone, but there is a web version as well, with an Android app in the works. Essentially, the user creates a mix of songs from their libraries, gives it a name and – boom. Done. Then the world at large can stream it on their phones or PCs whenever they want, wherever they need to. It’s integrated well with social media, and it’s easy to tag favorite mixes or curators and follow them, a la a Twitter feed.

In any event – I’ve made 3 mixes so far that you might enjoy shaking your proverbial rump to:

LE CRÈME DE LE CRÈME DE 60s FRENCH POP – twenty loud, brassy female-sung 1960s French Pop songs

ZIPPERHEADS – the first mix I made in about 5 minutes, comprised of random genius from the 2x4s, Electric Eels, Urinals, Hampton Grease Band & more

EAT HAPPY – fourteen recent noisy but melodic bursts of low-fidelity sound from today’s young hitmakers like Thee Oh Sees, Liminanas, Sic Alps, Proper Ornaments and more