Monday, April 11, 2011


One thing about DOGFISH HEAD BREWING - they of their own Discovery Channel TV program "Brew Masters" - they don't stand in one place for too long. They rightly deserve their place in the hallowed pantheon of master American brewers for their lifelong commitment to experimentation and excellent beermaking with decidedly bizarro ingredients. That's why we love 'em.

This one's not as "off-centered" as some of their others. "RED & WHITE" comes in a beautifully-labeled bottle that says "fancy-schmancy" from the word go. As it turns out, it's a simple Belgian-style witbier at heart - orange, coriander and lots of yeast. The curveball is the (heavy) introduction of pinot noir grapes into the mix. Let's put it this way - you're not going to miss 'em. This is a very wine-like beer, with all the carbonation and frothiness of a true craft ale. And funny thing, it taste like a white zinfandel or other white wine to me than it does pinot - but what the hell do I know? It's quite a thin - and as you can see here, foamy - beer, but it's ultra-complex and another win from the Delaware destroyers. Hedonist Jive did a little soul-searching before settling on a respectable 7/10.