Sunday, April 3, 2011


Also known as "BEER GEEK BACON", if you believe what you read on the internet. I continue to seek out different beers from Denmark's MIKKELLER simply because, high price notwithstanding, their ales are among the most experimental and consistent of just about any brewer going. At any moment you might be surpised with a new OMG this is my new favorite beer, as I recently was with their "RIS A LA M'ALE".

So it goes with "RAUCH GEEK BREAKFAST", which I mistakenly took to be one of those "meat beers" like the duly & deservedly celebrated AECHT SHLENKERLA RAUCHBIER, but which is instead more akin to a creamy, coffee-dosed oatmeal stout. Seriously folks, I'm not tasting any rauch action here. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, rauchbier is a German smoked ale that tastes of bacon, molasses and the marshmellows you drunkenly dropped into the campfire while the children cried (oh wait, that was me, not you). Especially the bacon. The head on this vanished almost before I could get my lips on the goods, and once ingested, I was both celebrating its delicious creamy imperial oatmeal stout goodness and scratching my head in search of some serious rauch. No matter, it's a fantastic beer from the Danish alchemists at Mikkeller. They're so hot hot hot distribution-wise right now their beers are even at every Whole Foods in town. Pick this one up if you've got some gumption. 8/10.