Friday, June 11, 2010


Last time I got involved with a hoppy, “imperial” beer from Colorado’s OSKAR BLUES BREWERY I pretty much busted a nut over it – so of course I was going to pick up a can of one of these first chance I got. First chance I got was last night, and it’s already been “retired” and laid down in its final resting place, if you know what I mean. The previously-adored hoppy imperial beer from these guys is GORDON – a wonderful red ale that I can’t get enough of. GUBNA may not quite rise to that exalted state, but it’s a really fine Double IPA and perfect for this sweltering stretch of weather we’ve been having and will continue to have. Let’s investigate.

First of all, OSKAR BLUES GUBNA is a transparent, see-though sort of IPA. Lookee there – you can see the wall of our stairwell, right through my beer. Another thing about this one – wow, it is creamy. Not a word typically associated with intense, bitter India Pale Ales – but there it is. It’s really a thick, luscious sort of imperial IPA, translucency notwithstanding. Gives off a rich, musky sort of hop smell, and comes on a little strong in the alcohol department once you get into it. It’s neither pine nor fruit – it’s kind of its own beast, but well within “style guidelines” if you’re keeping score. In short, one of the bigger asskickers on the market. 7.5/10.